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ITx 2016 Conference Programme

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The ITx 2016 Programme may change without notice

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Monday, 11th July 2016

8:00am Registrations open - Tea and Coffee available
9:15am Ministerial opening address
Steven Joyce, Minister of Many Things
9:45am Collaboration in NZ's tech scene
Ian Taylor, Founder, Animation Research Ltd
10:25am Morning Tea, courtesy of Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)
Ian Apperley:
Everything you know is wrong
Jonathan Pickard:
Extending the tax digital border
Simon Roller:
What can we do about digital and cyber skills shortages?
Peter Doherty:
DevOps, Agile and ITIL just don't work together - or do they?
Rod Snodgrass:
Corporate Innovation: The Spark Ventures Story
Giles Southwell:
NZ Health Strategy and Health IT Plan
Talking Tech with the Mayoral Candidates
Kabas Albakry, Alistair Hookings:
Experiential Learning for improving student engagement in a project management course
Eddie Correia:
Developing Programmes of Study: A Case Study
11:20am Changeover Changeover
Rob England:
The IT Renaissance
Mike Cooling:
How software engineering principles are central to next-generation medical research
David Pickering, Brent Logan:
Taking Service Management Beyond IT: Where do I start?
Alex Leonov:
Being agile and seeing the big picture: the challenge
Anna Guenther:
Innovative use of tech to build a company
Ian England:
IT innovation in private hospitals
Hamish Smith, Sam Mann, Lesley Smith, Rachel Trounson, Ken Sutton, Tom Flannagan:
Use of persona's in education - A case study of core competencies
Stephanie Day:
Self-tracking over time: The FITBIT® phenomenon
12:00pm Changeover Changeover
Matt Mansell:
Changing the culture of IT: Shifting to DevOps
Robyn Kamira, Antony Royal:
Case study: Mitimiti on the grid
Rebecca Wilson:
Leading Teams Through Change: Service Management@IR during Transformation
Steve Tremblay:
How to ensure proper CSI
Joe Stockman:
Innovate Now!
Shayne Hunter:
Health IT – A perspective from the hospital coal face
Dobrila Lopez, Mike Lopez:
University Students Expectations of NZQA Levels
Stephanie Day, Michael Verhaart:
Beyond Wi-Fi: Using mobile devices for gxLearning in the field
12:40pm Lunch, courtesy of Assurity
1:40pm Precision Medicine: Why healthcare is becoming a data science
Ian McCrae, Founder, Orion Health
2:20pm Changeover
Ray Cooke:
Managing for DevOps and beyond
Dave Lane:
Open Standards: why they need a government mandate
Morgan Wilson:
Supporting your digital life
David Lloyd:
Transition from Reactive to Proactive in 5 steps!
Philip Whitmore:
An introduction to Cyber security for Business
Mitchell Pham:
Enabling Health Innovation - the opportunity for IT in health
Vikram Kumar:
nick wallingford:
Awareness of Quick Response codes in an educational environment
Kabas Albakry, Alistair Hookings, Michael Watts, Binglan Han:
A Student Laptop Roll-out for International Information Technology Students
3:00pm Afternoon Tea, courtesy of Catalyst IT
Mark Smalley:
Systems tinkering versus systems thinking
Janet Toland:
Deeply Political and Social Issues: moral debates in the early computing profession
Matt Fourie:
How to SecuriProof your company DAILY against possible Security Breaches
Zlatko Horvat:
The Age of Shadow IT
Michael Wigley:
Cyber security: legal responsibilities of managers and directors
David Hay:
Use of FHIR as the API for the NZ Electronic Health Record
Ian Apperley:
Disruption: Lightning Talks
CITRENZ Awards and AGM
3:50pm Changeover
Sam Jarman:
The Future
Chris Cormack:
He aha te mea nui?
Pradeep Navalkar:
Experiences from the “IT Disaster Recovery” Journey
Hamish Duff:
A Fool with a Tool
Chris Borton:
Can there be success in Cyber Security - how do we know when we get there?
David Hay:
Use of FHIR as the API for the NZ EHR (a deeper dive)
4:30pm Changeover
4:40pm International Keynote: Thinking Differently
Vinh Giang, Entrepreneur and Magician (Adelaide, Australia)
5:30pm Closing Comments
Conference Networking Drinks

Kindly sponsored by Alemba

Tuesday, 12th July 2016

8:30am Tea and Coffee Available
9:20am Opening Comments
9:30am Incredible User Experiences
Rachael Cotton-Bronte, Chief Marketing Technologist, Flint-Box
10:10am Morning Tea, courtesy of Orion Health
Nicolás Erdödy:
Is your IT project a Black Swan?
Amy Ryburn, Andrew Matangi:
Contracting for Agile Projects
Wil McLellan:
Connecting Canterbury to a Knowledge Economy
Lou Hunnebeck:
Practicing Practitioner Skills – Structured Improvement
Winston Seah:
An introduction to IoT - a New Zealand view
Chris Rolls:
How Testing can help shape the future of Software Development
David Skelton:
Enhancing students' IS offshoring capabilities: An international blended teaching concept
Eddie Correia, Mark Caukill:
Panel discussion: Is it Cloudy in your classroom?
11:10am Changeover
Daniel Merriott:
Leveraging the SFIA and COBIT Frameworks Together
Mei Fern Johnson, Chris Curran:
Software Escrow: Tips and Traps
Helen Shorthouse:
Making Pies Together
Karen Ferris, Lou Hunnebeck:
ITIL Practitioner Q&A Session
Kriv Naicker:
Business & Governance Models for Smart City & Sensor/ IoT Networks
Chris Hourigan:
Innovative testing approaches at Inland Revenue
Michael Watts, Binglan Han:
Predicting the Academic Performance of International Students on an Ongoing Basis
11:50am Changeover
Gareth Cronin:
Courageous Conversations and Employee-driven Progression with SFIA
Mike Dennehy:
Procurement - Pain or Pleasure?
David Carter:
Building a Solid Business on Shaky Ground
Matt Hooper:
The role of ITSM in 2020
Winston Seah, Kriv Naicker, Andrew Cushen:
IoT and Smart Cities Panel Discussion and Q&A
Neil Gray:
Performance Testing Costs too much and takes too long
Tema Fenton-Coyne, Luke Tomes:
Digitally Tika, Digital Natives , Digital Needs and Education of the Pehiaweri Marae Community
12:30pm Lunch, courtesy of Software Escrow (NZ) Ltd
Lunch Special Talk: Markus Westner
Heads of Schools Lunch
1:30pm Big Data and Business Analytics in tertiary education
Brendan Kelly, Deputy CE - Information, Tertiary Education Commission
2:10pm Changeover
Bill Ross:
Architecturally agile – Just enough architecture, just in time
Greg James:
Case study: Managing large scale transformation at IRD
Nick Malcolm:
All aboard the Cyber Security Rollercoaster!
Zoe Fitz-Gerald:
Service Management Framework and methodology and approach to transitions
Vikram Kumar, Aaron Olphert, Patrick Verryt:
Internet of Things: Joint TUANZ/InternetNZ panel
Mike Talks:
Rediscovering Strategy In Testing
Trevor Nesbit:
Towards a Model for Adoption of APODs in Large Lectures
Ruth mcdavitt:
Summer of Tech Special Presentation
2:50pm Afternoon Tea, courtesy of Computer Power Plus
Lynley Lee:
Fit for the Future - Preparing Business for Digital Change
Rachael Cotton-Bronte:
Proximity Based Engagement and the Internet of NOW
Allan Yeoman:
The offline response to cyber threats
Mark Smalley:
Kill DevOps
Simon Martin:
Internet of Things: Joint TUANZ/InternetNZ panel (cont.)
Stephanie Wilson:
Design Led Testing
Sue Scott:
Utilising Historic Interplay and the Avant Gard Theory to Support to Narratives for New Technologie
3:50pm Changeover Changeover
Kathryn Howard:
IT Service Management for Grownups - IT4IT
Caitlin Duncan:
Taking care of your mental health
Hazel Jennings:
Digital governance for SMEs
Lou Hunnebeck:
Hearing & Being Heard: The Role of Listening & Imagination in Business Collaboration
Sam Fernando:
Machine learning and software testing
Dipendra Ghimire, Stuart Charters, Shirley Gibbs:
Preliminary Analysis of success factors in Agile software development projects: Software Development
4:30pm Changeover
4:40pm Cloud Computing: NZ’s place in the world
May-Ann Lim, Executive Director, Asia Cloud Computing Association (Singapore)
5:20pm Closing Comments
NZ Excellence in IT Awards Gala Dinner

Kindly sponsored by Axios Systems , MYOB

Wednesday, 13th July 2016

8:30am Tea and Coffee Available
9:20am Opening Comments
9:30am Trends in the Valley: How to get funded
Edith Yeung, Founding Partner, 500 Startups Mobile Collective (San Francisco, USA)
10:10am Morning Tea, courtesy of Internet NZ Women in Technology Meetup
Networking and refreshments for women in technology
Suzanne Nottage:
Effective decision making and Agile
Kaila Colbin:
Introduction to Exponential
Lewis Weatherall:
Choosing the best framework to deliver your projects
Rob England:
How DevOps messes with your head
Dave Lane:
Open Source Day Welcome, teasers and pleasers
Sophia Hobman:
What Can Testing Tell You About the Health of Your Organisation?
Hamish Smith, Clare Atkins, Murray Wills:
Competencies for IT students
Dave Moskovitz:
The State of our Startup Nation
11:10am Changeover Changeover Changeover
Ceedee Doyle:
Radical Organisation Structures: Stop Doing Agile!
Ken Brophy:
Building Entrepreneurial Capability
Paul Ramsay:
Quality is Relative
Mike O'Connor:
Selling Free Software - The Catalyst IT Story
Rodger Perkins:
Testing in Everything
Conor Roberts:
Amping up adoption - how can we turbocharge take-up
11:50am Changeover Changeover TBA
Jaume Durany, Jamie McIndoe:
Visual Answers to Everyday Challenges
Arron Judson:
Making Ideas Succeed - The importance of Collaboration
Grant Avery:
The Problem with Projects
Karen Ferris, Rob England, Mark Smalley, Lou Hunnebeck, Matt Hooper:
Panel session: Integrating ITIL with Agile and DevOps
Richard Hulse:
RNZ - Using open source to innovate online and save money
Bevan McCabe:
Open-source test automation tools – are they ready for prime-time?
James Ting-Edwards:
TPP copyright submissions
12:30pm Lunch, courtesy of Axios Systems
Judy McKay:
Practical Agile
ITx Plenary Panel: Tech Trends and Innovation
Jen Rutherford hosts this plenary panel discussion focusing on issues around innovation and future trends in tech, both within NZ and internationally.

Panelists include Edith Yeung from 500 Startups Mobile Collective (US), Ezel Kokcu from Stqry, Matt Hooper and Dave Moskovitz.
2:20pm Changeover
Nicole McCallum, Dan Tong, Alex Komarovsky:
The accelerator experience - building an MVP in 3 months
Grant Lumsden:
Building scale: Priorities and Pitfalls
Mark Smalley:
Running IT as a Business
Josh Caid:
Is ITIL Slowing you down? 3 ways to become more agile
Grant Ryan:
The Cacophony Project: open source tech to make NZ Predator Free
Emma Raymond:
Antifragile Automated Testing
Lesley Smith, Diane McCarthy:
Layering our IT Identities
Nethui Unconference
3:00pm Afternoon tea, courtesy of Internet NZ
Dan Teo:
The Quest for an Agile HR Organization
Mitchell Pham:
Delivering NZ Technologies into Overseas Markets – An ASEAN Case Study
John Edwards:
Importance of Privacy Issues in IT - Getting the facts across
Karen Ferris:
Where are my sponsors?
Birgit Bachler:
Unleashing Artistic License with FOSS
Aaron Hodder:
All Kinds of Minds: Mental Diversity in IT
3:50pm Changeover Changeover
Gavin Coughlan:
Battling Scrum Fatigue
Elinor Swery:
Watson - Bringing back the Human Element
Phil Jacklin:
Delivering Projects with Less Effort and Less Cost
Paul Stone, Cam Findlay:
NZGOAL Software Extension
Alex Leonov:
Testing the legacy: making existing applications testable without epic efforts
Beth Coleman:
Knowledge Centred Service - Best Practices in Engagement, Empowerment and Service Success
4:30pm Changeover
4:40pm The Age of IT Enlightenment
Mark Smalley, Ambassador, ASL BiSL Foundation (The Netherlands)
5:20pm Closing Comments
Conference Networking Drinks

Kindly sponsored by QualIT

Thursday, 14th July 2016