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ITx 2016 Conference Programme

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Performance Testing Costs too much and takes too long

Tuesday 12:00pm - 12:30pm, TPN Testing (TPN Testing Room)

Performance testing costs too much and takes too long. 

Given current and emerging short cycle software development practices, this is more apparent today than it has ever been. 

So what do you do about it if your business depends on software performance?  Compromise on performance test coverage and realism? What value are those results?

You could ignore it on the basis it would be too expensive anyway – that works sometimes.  Assume that faster, bigger means better performance?  Often not true.

Wild Strait (formerly as part of Equinox IT)  have spent many years working around limitations of performance testing tools, those limitations frequently leading to longer times and higher cost to performance test than we felt was necessary.

We will talk to how we used our performance testing experience and software development expertise to address the time between getting a release of the application and getting usable performance test results.

We will describe the profound impact our innovation has had on performance testing engagements and how this has enabled alignment with multiple software development lifecycles.

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Neil Gray

Business Lead, Wild Strait

Neil has had over 20 years in the performance testing business and has seen many changes during that time.

Leveraging his business and technical experience, he has worked with his team to solve some of the issues around performance testing that enables it to support digital strategies and align to the software development lifecycles.

Wild Strait was spun off from Equinox IT in October 2015 with a specialist focus on software performance.

Neil started his first testing business in 1992.