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ITx 2016 Conference Programme

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Utilising Historic Interplay and the Avant Gard Theory to Support to Narratives for New Technologie

Tuesday 3:20pm - 3:50pm, CITRENZ (CITRENZ 1 Room)

This paper is the second in a series of papers that consider relationships between the changes in narrative techniques and structures in the development of new technologies. This could include films games or virtual environments. These papers are slices of a larger work that are to feed the development of a motion graphic film (Scott 2011).
This paper contextualises the levels of interplay between narrative platforms such as the novel, theatre, graphic design and fine art in the development of film language and considers the potential for this knowledge to support new media development The relationship between fine art and film is of particular interest because the levels of narrative experimentation that occurred as part of the avant-garde movement have had an influence over motion graphics that is highly concept-based and demonstrates an influence over the structure or “whole-form” of the work., this knowledge has the potential to feed nonlinear and interactive narratives.


Sue Scott