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ITx 2016 Conference Programme

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Self-tracking over time: The FITBIT® phenomenon

Monday 11:30am - 12:00pm, CITRENZ (CITRENZ 2 Room)

The evolution of pervasive sensor technologies has given rise to an increased availability of consumer wearables that track and monitor a variety of human activity. The use of these devices is closely linked to self-quantification; the practice of using the captured data and knowledge gained for self-improvement. In this study a research model based in human behaviour theories informs a qualitative approach to answer the research question, “How does the use of self-tracking devices influence individuals health and behaviours and goals over time?”. The findings show participants chose the FITBIT® to meet pre-determined step counts, monitor activity and heath indicators, and to lose weight. As time progressed most users reported some change or adaptation to the way they used their devices. Participants used the knowledge gained to set new goals, reevaluate existing goals and over time reported an increased focus on participating in challenges and being part of a community to help stay motivated.

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Stephanie Day