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ITx 2016 Conference Programme

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Testing the legacy: making existing applications testable without epic efforts

Wednesday 4:00pm - 4:30pm, TPN Testing (TPN Testing Room)

If you have an established product which came about before the widespread use of the unit and system testing, then you know the problem.

The old code cannot be made testable without a significant effort of throwing it away and writing it anew.

What does it mean for the QA? It means endless repetitions of manual test runs. Sounds like fun? Yeah.. Nah!

In this presentation you will find two ways to make legacy applications testable through automation: an easy one, and a good one. The main benefit they provide is a basis for the further refactoring of the application, without damaging it.

Think of it as a Catch-22: you can't make your old app code testable without severely changing it, and you can't be sure that your changes work because you have no tests to verify them.

If you are a QA and you work with older apps and systems doing a lot of manual testing, then this is the topic for you.

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Alex Leonov

Director, Knowledge Lab

Alex has more than 15 years of IT experience from network and service management, through to software development, business analysis and management.

He has worked on amazing projects in companies around the world.

His industry experience includes marketing, freight forwarding, telecommunications, postal services, and entertainment.

After gaining experience in small, medium-sized, and large international companies, Alex believes that it is his duty to share his knowledge among other professionals.‚Äč