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ITx 2016 Conference Programme

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What can we do about digital and cyber skills shortages?

Monday 10:50am - 11:20am, itSMFnz (itSMF Main Room)

Digital and Cyber Security skills are being targeted by governments around the world as essential skills which need to be developed to address a predicted shortage, ensure market competitiveness, and mitigate some of the risk from cyber terrorism, industrial espionage and information security attacks.

We are constantly hearing about the skills shortage, but what we don't hear about is what organisations can do about it.

Looking internally - do you know what skills you already have? Only then can you answer the next question: "What skills you need? "

SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age, describes skills required by professionals in roles involving information and communications technology. First published in 2000, and regularly updated (version 6), SFIA has become the globally accepted common language for the skills and competencies required in the digital world.

SFIA can help organisations to determine the skills they have and skills they need – only then should they look at ways of developing those skills, whether it be via training, mentoring, or via recruitment.

This presentation will show how organisations ranging from ten to 250,000 employees, answered those two basic questions and are now ensuring they continually develop their most important asset: their people.


Simon Roller

Professional Services Director, BSMimpact (Sydney)

Simon is a SFIA accredited consultant and trainer, and is a member of the SFIA Council.

He is the Professional Services Director of BSMimpact, a global consultancy organisation specialising in making frameworks work.

Simon is an accomplished speaker, author and presenter. He has written a number of white papers on SFIA, IT Service Management, Security & IT Consolidation, as well as speaking at many external events.