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ITx 2016 Conference Programme

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Towards a Model for Adoption of APODs in Large Lectures

Tuesday 2:20pm - 2:50pm, CITRENZ (CITRENZ 1 Room)

The impetus for this study came from a desire to use a teaching method in large lectures where students discuss questions and problems in small groups with one student from each group sharing their response verbally with the rest of the class. This approach works well in class sizes of up to 30-40, but when lectures have in excess of 100, 200 or 300 students few students are willing to share their responses verbally with the rest of the class.

A study made up of 5 phases was conducted into the use of applications on personally owned devices (APODs) to increase student engagement in large lectures with the aim of analysing the benefits and addressing the issues that emerge from this approach. This paper presents a proposed model that emerges from an analysis of the findings of five phases


Trevor Nesbit