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ITx 2016 Conference Programme

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Visual Answers to Everyday Challenges

Wednesday 12:00pm - 12:30pm, Agile Day (Agile Room)

It’s more than drawing… visual answers to our everyday challenges

This talk presents a palette of visual answers that address a range of everyday challenges. Our goal is that everybody leaves the room with visual answers to spread at work.

We will follow the story of our product development team - their reformation into new delivery teams, their move to greater agility and their delivery of goals - and share the visualisation experiments we ran to help our teams with communication, direction and understanding the big picture.

Some of the visual answers to challenges will be lack of alignment, high level picture and roadmap clarity, sharing an idea, a strategy or a new piece of knowledge.

As we go through each of the challenges we will share with the audience a set of steps that can be easily applied to improve the way we explore the best answer to a problem in order to generate a visual or tangible outcome.

We will include a practical exercise by pairs to experience the same process we have been applying. We will also prepare a social channel and encourage the audience to share the resulting outcomes of the activity to learn from each other.

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Jaume Durany

Agile Coach, Fairfax Media

Jaume Durany is passionate about developing people and teams and enjoys applying agile methodologies and continuous improvement as a powerful way to create great teams and achieve any conceivable purpose.

He has been improving his knowledge of agile methodologies, project management and coaching since 2009.

His goal as manager and coach is that his employees are highly motivated, happy and internalise the need for continuous improvement to enhance their personal development and therefore their value delivery and the benefits of the company.

Jamie McIndoe

Test Lead, Assurity

Jamie is a highly experienced Test Lead, Test Coach and Test Engineer focused on delivering high-value, high-quality outcomes.

Jamie leads delivery of innovative and high-value test solutions.

He supports the teams he works with in growing their agility and focusing on quality outcomes.