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ITx 2016 Conference Programme

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Precision Medicine: Why healthcare is becoming a data science

Monday 1:40pm - 2:20pm, Keynote Presentation

We are on the cusp of a new era in medicine - the age of data. It will be just as powerful as the age of hygiene, the age of vaccinations and the age of antibiotics.

An individual’s electronic patient health record will become the most powerful tool in the medical toolkit. In addition to medical history, it will contain genetic, social and environmental information – as much as 6 terabytes of data per individual. This will be necessary for the practice of personalised healthcare known as precision medicine.

How will the heath care sector process this tsunami of health data and use it to enable better healthcare outcomes? Find out from Orion Health founder Ian McCrae why machine learning will be critical to enabling the practice of precision medicine, and how New Zealand – which has a long, honourable tradition in statistical computing – can be at the forefront of his new global revolution in healthcare delivery.


Ian McCrae

Founder, Orion Health

Ian McCrae founded Orion Health in 1993 with a five-person staff in Auckland, New Zealand. The company is now New Zealand's largest software exporter.

Since then the company has seen unprecedented growth and success. With over 700 staff members and 17 international offices, Orion Health has introduced its health integration software to every major market.

Before founding Orion Health, Ian was a senior telecommunications consultant for Clearfield Consulting Ltd, specialising in message standards and connectivity of data network systems and infrastructures. Before his work at Clearfield, Ian worked for Ernst & Young, designing corporate networks. Ian has also worked as a product manager at Imagineering Micro Distributors in New Zealand and a senior business analyst for the London Stock Exchange.

Ian received a Masters in Engineering Sciences and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) from Auckland University in New Zealand.