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ITx 2016 Conference Programme

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Battling Scrum Fatigue

Wednesday 4:00pm - 4:30pm, Agile Day (Agile Room)

Scrum can be incredibly motivating and produce great results, an exciting environment, and help people thrive while maintaining a good work/life balance.

But what happens when a Scrum project continues for a long duration? How do you stop burnout or fatigue from setting in?

The Scrum framework allows for a lot of flexibility, but the repeated cadence and ceremonies can become monotonous over time and occasionally seem relentless.

Gavin Coughlan has worked with a Scrum team that for seven years (possibly New Zealand’s longest running Scrum team) and in that time he has seen all the ups and downs of long-term Scrum project.

Coughlan has seen what works and what doesn’t, to keep a team engaged over a long period of time.

He will reveal what he and his team focused on to achieve great results.


Gavin Coughlan

Head of Agile, Boost

As an Agile Coach, Gavin Couglan's aim is to help teams set themselves up to build useful things that change people's lives, and have fun doing it.

Gavin has worked in the web industry for over 17 years as a Front-end Developer, Project Manager and, since 2011, Agile Coach and Trainer.

Gavin is interested to talk to people about how to motivate teams and swap ideas around what has worked and what hasn't.