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Antifragile Automated Testing

Wednesday 2:30pm - 3:00pm, TPN Testing (TPN Testing Room)

Software test automation is fast becoming a must have in many organisations. At the same time there are plenty of anecdotes about the failures of test automation systems.

There are a number of reasons associated with these failures. The word antifragility is used to describe a property of systems that gets better as a result of mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures.

This presentation talks about the experiences of the presenter in building and growing an automated test system that could be called an antifragile automated test system, because it started as a small system and it has had a sizable expansion. The challenge was for it to be relevant over time and deliver high ROI.

The automated test framework was designed and implemented over five years ago for embedded software testing. Regardless of the demise of the actual product under test, the automated test system itself has survived and has been successfully used for other products. The system did not just survive, it grew and improved over the years despite of the various stressors.

This presentation is about the elements that made the effort a success and the measures that were taken to improve the system and make it relevant to everyone involved in the project.

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Emma Raymond

Test Automation Manager, Aviat Networks

Emma Raymond is currently working as Test Automation manager at Aviat Networks. She has been in software testing for over 15 years.